Join us as we explore a new quote each week, reflecting on 40 years of innovation!

“It takes courage to look at how to improve a commercialized, long existing product. The FlexiForce R&D-team that developed the new 672M proves that taking a product apart and re-defining material, form and function lead to a compact, easy to install innovation!”

With our latest innovation, the 672 spring break device, we are setting a new standard in safety. This week, we would like to share the unique features and benefits of this product with you. With a boxed design that creates a professional appearance, the 672 can be applied to 80% of all industrial doors in the market!


Closed casing

The new design contains safety of installation, due to all the parts are included in the closed casing. No more chance for wrongly installed safety devices.

Short response time

The improved ratchet wheel has more teeth to block the door from moving. This change in concept results in a shorter response time.The ratchet wheel comes in multiple designs, ensuring the optimal connection to any selected shaft. No risk of failure due to wrongly selected keys.

Easy installation

The casing of the device has been developed so that it can be connected to the spring fittings with easy fixation bolts. This ensures a correct connection to the device. Even more convenient: first connect the device to the wall bracket or side bearing plate, and then click in the spring. All the parts are inside the casing, for a correct positioning of all vital parts. This results in a fool-proof installation, providing high quality door safety to any door installed!

The 672 spring break device is available in our catalogue here.


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