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“I have always been excited by the torsion spring product. The technical part, the production part and also in talking to customers on how FlexiForce springs could add to their business ambitions. Closing a long-term deal with a customer is always a satisfying part of this passion for springs.” – Hans Cramer, General Manager EMEA (2000 – 2009, 2017 – today)

The passion of springs is something that is shared not only through Hans, but throughout the entire FlexiForce organisation. In order to provide our customers with an easy solution for their spring calculation, we developed SpringForce:

SpringForce is our unique spring calculation and configuration tooling to provide you with the best possible spring for your door! “Best” is explained as: the right selected spring (not too heavy, no too light) to perfectly balance the door, during a well determined and specified life-cycle. All our new calculations were intensively tested and were backed-up by our partner IST (Institute of Spring Technology) in the UK.

SpringForce provides the unique opportunity to connect your ERP system with our online spring calculation. With EDI-exchange you calculate and order springs digitally from your ERP, via SpringForce, back to your ERP system. Saving a lot of extra work and time. But of course also for single spring calculation, a short visit to SpringForce will provide you the spring you need.


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