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“Modern smartphone technology is available today to any overhead door mechanic. That means that with the SpringTime app, the smart phone becomes a potential tool in supporting the ‘guy-on-site’ with installation advice, spring recognition, built-in dimension tools and new product information.”

Not familiar yet with Springtime? Our smartphone app is specially developed to support overhead door installers, service mechanics and repair companies with easy answers to questions and doubts that often arise while at a door site.

Identify a (broken) spring

When you are on-site and need to know what kind of torsion springs are mounted on the door, all you need to do is open the Springtime app and start your spring configuration. By following the simple steps you will receive your specific spring, so you know what to replace.

Springtime offers

  1. Easy identification of broken torsion springs
  2. Easy system selection for your build-in situation
  3. Information on service tools and products
  4. News on installation, service or repair
  5. A list of up-sell products

SpringTime acts as your on-location support team, ready to guide you through all the worries and doubts, all on your mobile phone or tablet. You can download SpringTime for free from the Apple Iphone app store (iOS) or from Google Play (Android).


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