Join us as we explore a new quote each week, reflecting on 40 years of innovation!

“From the start of FlexiForce up till today, the French market has been very important. This year we open a local sales office and warehouse in the region Rhône-Alpes, clearly confirming our dedication to optimise our service to our loyal customers in this market. I am proud to become part of that mission now.” – Anne Della Vecchia, Managing Director FlexiForce France (2020 – today)

In the 40 years that FlexiForce is in business, a lot has changed. What all started in a small chicken barn, expanded rapidly to warehouses in the Netherlands, Hungary, China, Spain, Italy, Poland, Turkey and North America. This year, FlexiForce will expand the ‘power of local’ strategy even further, in France!

We are very excited to announce that a new FlexiForce location will be opened in France, near the city of Lyon. This expansion of FlexiForce makes it possible to be of better service to our customers on a local level. With a complete sales office and warehouse, Anne Della Vecchia and her team are ready to support and build on the presence of FlexiForce in the region.

We will keep you updated in the coming weeks, as we prepare for the official opening of our new location!


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