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“I am convinced that the success of FlexiForce is based on deep technical know-how on all the aspects of an overhead door. This leads to innovations like the state-of-the-art low head room system (LHR), which is equipped with all the smart systems of the ISC hardware platform. Built-in height of 200mm, limiting the amount of space needed above the door opening. With several smart new technical solution details. Innovation is still driving us today!” – Ton Peterse, R&D Manager (1990 – today)

The state-of-the-art low head room system is a great example of innovation that drives FlexiForce. Equipped with all the smart systems of the ISC hardware, the LHR system has a built-in height of 200mm, which limits the amount of space needed above the door opening. Consequently, the LHR system is a great solution for smaller industrial spaces.

Some of the key products can be found below:

Pulley bracket: 568-100CR/L

The pulley bracket is guiding the cable to the drum which is positioned at the end of the track. Depending on the build-in situation, the pulley can be positioned in 3 different versions to make the best use of the available space.

Box beam bracket: 568SL/R

The box beam bracket is another important part of the low head room system, as it provides a connection between the horizontal track and rear box beam.
The drum positions are switched for an optimal run of lifting- and tension set cables, with safety windings on the inside. By mounting the springs outside-in, a minimum number of bearing plates is needed. Next to this, the bracket creates more durability because it provides an extra bearing next to the drum, for a better load distribution over the bearing.

Adjustable trailer: 686TL/R

The adjustable trailer has been developed to enable quick folding of the top panel into the track. This is an important factor to keep the build-in height to a minimum. Next to this, the trailer provides an easy connection with the cable tensioning set (686C).

For a better overview of our low head room system, check out the video below:


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