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“With the professionalization of the European door market came the need for a more flexible and efficient supply chain of hardware sets. ISC is the answer of FlexiForce to a growing need for online configuration and outsourced production of complete hardware sets that are easy to install, even by less experienced door mechanics.”

We want to be an integral part of the supply chain. This allows door producers to profit from our high volume, efficient production lines. And from the fact that most of the fixed costs will turn into variable costs. Working capital will not be caught up in inventory, since you are able to order the hardware set after the door is sold.

Our ISC hardware set offering is applicable to any industrial door volume from roughly 100 to over 10.000 doors per year. A potential solution for companies that:

  • Consider becoming a door producer;
  • For door producers that want to expand their business without heavy new investments in production lines;
  • For residential door producers with a small complementary volume in industrial doors;
  • For door producers that want to change their business model without becoming a dependent dealer of any third party door company.

It truly is suitable for any door producer wanting to unburden themselves. You can focus on the panel, the sales and the installation of the door and we take care of supplying the hardware set, fit exactly to your needs. This means you can outsource part of your production, but you remain in charge as door producer.

For more information about the different RSC systems, take a look at our website or contact your local sales team.


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