Join us as we explore a new quote each week, reflecting on 40 years of innovation!

“It is great to be part of a team and company that is now already for 40 years a real power brand in the overhead door industry. I am looking forward to being a part of the FlexiForce future, where we will continue to create unmatched customer experiences.” Ywenco Philipsen, Sales Director FlexiForce Netherlands (2019 – today)

A dream of every supplier is to have customers visit our facilities. It creates an unique opportunity to show your customer your expertise, your people, your know-how and of course your products. In other words, a customer visit is a unique moment to present the company and distinguish from the competition. Even though customer visits are now very limited due to the pandemic, FlexiForce always tries to give our visitor the ‘red carpet treatment’ that is worth their time and travel.


At FlexiForce, we strive to make our customer visits filled with inspiration. Our pay-off ‘Innovations for overhead doors’ is supported by our Inspiration Center at our headquarters in Barneveld. The Inspiration Center is a place where different FlexiForce departments and customers can come together. With a showroom and several meeting rooms there is always somewhere to go and get inspired. Allowing for interaction and exchange of innovations, ideas and direct customer feedback. Some features that you will find when you visit the Inspiration Center:

  • A door center, where all our latest products can be seen in their application situation: on working doors!
  • Working automation solutions
  • Demonstration kit for spring tensioning
  • Products on display
  • Comfortable and spacious meeting rooms

Our Inspiration Center is a place that shows our attention and dedication to our customers. A visit to FlexiForce should be fun and inspiring. Because if it’s not fun, why do it?


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