Join us as we explore a new quote each week, reflecting on 40 years of innovation!

“Aluminum profiles for making full-vision sections have been in our product range for a long time. More recently, we added the service to pre-assemble complete full-vision sections for our customers. Then we introduced a sharp, attractive and economical concept with the Reflection full-vision system. And now, most recently, we improved the energy efficiency of our sections by introducing Reflection Thermal Break. An ongoing evolution.”

REFLECTION THERMAL BREAK offers solutions in projects where the overall energy efficiency demands are high which results in the need for good insulation (low U-value) in combination with glazed door sections.

REFLECTION THERMAL BREAK meets state-of-the-art design standards, using high quality aluminum profiles with an integrated cold bridge of glass fiber reinforced polyamide. This innovative solution creates a perfect cold bridge without compromising on the strength of profiles and sections.

The reduction of the CO2 footprint and energy consumption are for sure priorities in modern architecture and building design. This is where REFLECTION THERMAL BREAK offers sustainable solutions. Next to that, the quality perception on full vision doors increases big time when condensation on the inside is eliminated.


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