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“In co-creation with an important customer, FlexiForce commercialized the cable break device as a vital safety component for industrial doors. By deliberately avoiding patenting this invention, FlexiForce also allowed third parties to increase safety on their own doors.”

The function of a cable break device is to prevent the door leaf from falling down when a lifting cable breaks. The cable break device stops the door within a falling distance of 300mm. At FlexiForce, all cable break devices have been tested and approved for safe opening according to CE standards.

The cable break device is an alternative to the bottom bracket. It is equipped with a sharp activation-knife that cuts into the vertical track once the cable breaks. When the device has been activated, it needs to be replaced.


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Safety Switch

With power operated doors, once the cable breaks the cable break device is activated and stops the door blade. But, the operator will still rotate the shaft, causing a dangerous situation: the cable is running of the tracks). To prevent this, the installation of a slack cable switch is advised. Once the U-bracket rotates, the switch is activated, sending a signal to the operator to stop. An example of a safety switch is our 445SW for 444 and 440(S) cable break devices.

Security: Anti-lift lock

To prevent the door being lifted by burglars using a crowbar or the forks of a lift truck, installation of the 440LOCK is advisable. One bracket is placed on the track, and the other bracket on the cable break device. Once the cable slackens, the U-bracket turns and the lock is activated. Simple and secure!


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