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“Being local, available, supportive and fast. These are our main assets, and this is what our customers in Central Europe adore. I noticed these characteristics right in the beginning after I joined FlexiForce and I believe that our success is still based on these as the formula is quite easy: people are selling to people and people are buying from people!” – Gyula Gál, sales director FlexiForce Hungary

FlexiForce’s growth over the years has resulted in extra needed capacity for production. Because of this, in 2001 a new production plant was opened in a small town in Eastern Hungary, for the establishment of a manufacturing facility for our components for residential doors. Manufacturing has been allocated to a bending department, a production line for torsion springs, a rollforming line for profiles and an assembly department where residential track sets are prepared.

This was just the start of local developments in the market, as in 2012, a brand new factory for more production was opened in Debrecen, Hungary. Here both industrial and residential hardware sets are produced. By being local, available and fast, FlexiForce Hungary is able to support the customer in the best way possible.


Gyula: “We have decided to adapt the way that FlexiForce Hungary is organized, to be more aligned with its current size and functions. We are creating a dedicated FlexiForce Supply Chain entity in which all warehouse and production activities will be managed. And a seperate FlexiForce Direct Sales entity that can fully focus on providing service, reliability and focus to our direct customers in the sales region: Hungary and surrounding countries. Emphasizing our ambition to increase the level of customer satisfaction.”

To find out more about our business in Hungary, take a look at the video below!


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