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“I’m very proud to be part of the history of FlexiForce. It was in 2004 that I invited Bert and Frank to consider starting a local subsidiary in Spain. Today it is a strong base for FlexiForce in the Iberian market. In 15 years, I have gained some weight and I have lost hair, but I would like to thank our loyal customers and friends for our success and cooperation.” – Julian Lopez, Managing Director FlexiForce Ibérica (2005 – today)

FlexiForce Ibérica was opened in 2005 with the objective to better serve customers in this region and in their own language. By building further on the ‘power of local’ strategy, opening FlexiForce Ibérica proved to be a great succes with a high potential for growth.

With the increasing demand, comes the need for additional capacity. A year after opening the production was upgraded to include torsion springs together with warehouse expansions. Only a few years later, FlexiForce Ibérica moved to a larger building to keep up with the increase of customers and orders. The move to the new location also resulted in the introduction of new (local) services:

  • industrial hardware sets. Configured to order, a complete set of hardware for industrial doors
  • residential hardware sets. Efficiently packed and cut to the size of the garage door
  • powder coating torsion springs
  • training centre and showroom for product introductions and training courses

Today, the subsidiary in Spain is a real powerhouse for the local and loyal customers. Do you want to see more of our Spanish location? Take a look at the video below for a behind the scenes look!


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