Our spring break device 670RH/LH will be upgraded with minor changes that will ease the installation of the product.

The round holes for mounting the product will be replaced by square holes. This makes the installation easier in combination with new bolts (1058BFN), so it can be installed with one key instead of two. Next to this, the hole pattern on the back will be changed to optimize mounting of the springs on the beam. The pattern is equal to the 675 spring break pattern.

Besides these changes, the pawl wheel will have a new look. Instead of it being yellow, the wheel will have a more natural look due to a more environment friendly galvanization process. All in line with European normative EN-ISO 2081.



The 1058BFN bolt is expected to arrive at the end of the year. The spring break device change is expected to take place end of September/beginning of October, depending on stock levels.

As soon as the new product is in stock, the information in the new catalogue will be updated.


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