We have recently updated our universally shaped endcaps, which can be used on both Epco and Kingspan panels.

The shape of the endcap covers the side of the panels, while also providing a stronger mounting surface for the hinges of the door. The caps have been optimized for a better fit with the Kingspan panels.

The optimized endcaps come with several benefits. For instance, it is now possible to change panels from Epco or Kingspan without the need for new endcaps. This will consequently require less stock, due to the fact that the endcaps are universal for both panels.

Next to this, the caps are fitted with a new hole pattern that matches both Epco and Kingspan hinges, for a better fixation position.
Additionally, there are more sizes and colour options available with less products, which also reduces the overall stock size.

For more information about these endcaps, contact your local sales team or take a look in our catalogue.

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