Do you have a renovation project, but not enough room for a sectional garage door?

FlexiForce can now offer the solution with these renovation products, so you don’t have to worry about limited space any more! Our renovation set consists of 4 products that will let you create the space where you need it. The profiles create a flat mounting surface for tracks, while the fixation brackets provide optimal stability. Take a look at our renovation selection below:


LPW5000 is a horizontal lintel profile made out of aluminum and finished with a white coating. Easy positioning for creating a mounted surface. Can be combined with the 1088N seal.

RPW3000 / RPW5000

These steel profiles create a flat mounting surface for vertical tracks when there is not enough side space. Next to this, the profiles cover wall deviations on the outside. Available in lengths of 3000mm and 5000mm, ready to install and fits to all RSC tracksets!


The LPF fixation bracket for the top of the profile is very easy to install, and multiple plates can be used to create optimal stability.


The fixation bracket for the vertical profiles. No screws are needed as the LPS can be placed directly into the LPW profile. The hole pattern is similar to our RSC tracksets for a perfect fit.

Click here to view the hardware manual.

Would you like more information about our renovation products? Please contact your local FlexiForce sales team!

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