We have adapted our cable drum portfolio and introduced a new cable drum: FFNL13.The FFNL13 replaces our FFNL12 cable drum, which will be phased out. This new drum is based on the FFNL12, but contains more cable capacity (1 additional groove). With this, we have increased the opening height of the door. With a maximum OPH of 4014mm, it is applicable in most common door sizes. Having the same diameter as the FFNL12, it is interchangeable.

A cable with terminal (aluminum sleeve) can be hooked into camber of the drum. The cable can also be passed through the drum, fixed with a hollow-head screw. This gives easy length adjustment. Fixation to the shaft through the key by one hollow-head screw M8.

We have optimized the drum to make it as efficient as possible, resulting in a higher application range and a significant reduction in price. As all of our industrial cable drums, the FFNL13 contains 2 safety windings reducing the load on the cable end with 90%, creating the safest solution!

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