We are introducing a new set of plastic caps to be used with our SafeStep pass doors with multipoint lock. The caps are developed to fit Tescedo, Metecno and Italpanelli panels.

The 1034MLNCAPS complete our plastic caps range for the SafeStep pass door system. These caps must be combined with our 1034MCAPS. Because of the fact that the multipoint lock has 3 transitions, the caps are also delivered in a set of 3.

After the installation and testing of the lock (1034MPLR/L), the caps can be installed.

While these caps are suited for Tescedo, Metecno and Italpanelli panels, we also have a set available for Epco & Kingspan panels: 1034MPL-EK.

If you would like to know more about these new products, please don’t hesitate to contact your local sales team for information.

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