We have added new caps to our SolidStep product range that can be used for Metecno and Italpannelli panels.

The 1134-CM caps are developed to secure the fingersafety of the SolidStep pass door and create a proper positioning of the aluminum pass door parts. In combination with 1134VB, the caps block any extra light coming through the door.

The caps are suitable for 40mm fingersafe Metecno & Italpannelli panels, and they are available in black (1134-CM-9005) and white (1134-CM-9016). 1 piece consists of a set of 4 caps, where 2 caps are used for the frame and the other 2 for the door leaf. For each panel transition, one set of 4 caps is needed.

Depending on the height of the pass door, a total of 4 or 5 sets is needed per door.

For more information about our SolidStep pass door solution, please visit our product page or configure your own kit in the webshop.

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