We are pleased to introduce a new addition to our thermal product range: the thermal endcap!

With industrial doors, a significant amount of heat loss can occur through the sides of the door. FlexiForce has now developed a thermal endcap that reduces the linear heat loss of a door with approximately 20%.

The 42EU endcaps have an optimized design with holes that decrease the thermal transmittance value. In combination with the 40EINS insert, made of ABS material, the endcap provides an easy solution for a better insulated door, without losing the strengthening function of the endcap.

The endcaps are available in the following lengths (other sizes are available on request):

For an even better insulation, the endcap can be combined with our thermal top-/bottom profile and the 1088ITC seal.


For more information, you can always contact your local sales team.


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