FlexiForce is introducing a new multipoint lock with 5 closing points for pass doors.

Having a pass door in a sectional overhead door can be very convenient, and provides easy access to the garage without having to open the entire door. In order to safely secure the door, we are now offering a multipoint lock that creates a perfect closing for all sections and increases the quality of the produced pass door.

The lock is designed with 4 different lock points that close the door. By moving the handle, it opens each lid which enables the opening of the door. When the door is locked, the door handle is blocked. Together with the 5th locking point (the cylinder lock), all sections of the door are secured.










The lock kit is available for left (1034MPLL) or right (1034MPLR) opening pass doors.

  1. Top latch
  2. Bottom latch
  3. Central lock hatch
  4. Intermediate hatch
  5. 4 counter plates with 8,4mm plate
  6. 4 base plates for counter plate 5,9mm
  7. 1 cylinder lock with 2 keys


Next to the lock kit, other related products are available:

For an easy installation, please refer to our assembly instructions.

Combine your order of our new lock with FlexiForce SafeStep kits, for a complete and safe pass door solution!

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