Our new pass door system, SolidStep is available to order now!

The SolidStep, or 1134KIT is specially developed with convenience and time-efficiency in mind. With this new concept, you will be able to independently produce a robust and high-quality pass door and increase your competitive position in the market.

The SolidStep kit will be supplied as a completely pre-milled kit, optionally prepared for single or multi point lock assembly, a sealing package, and assembly instructions in digital format. For a complete overview you can take a look at our product page.


  • Universal kit design
  • Quick assembly time
  • Strong corner connection with “Magic Corner”
  • No need to cut the bottom panels horizontally

Selecting your kit

Experience SolidStep and all its benefits by ordering your first kits online. There are 9 different kits available in our webshop. By using the product configurator, you will be able to select the correct kit based on the specification of the panels.

For more detailed information about the new SolidStep system and the available accessories, please visit the product page or contact your local representative.

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