With the extension of our range in tracksets we did not only increase the options to choose in closed or open track. We took the opportunity to offer you a smart trackset system, that is universal for torsion springs in front, torsion springs in rear and tension springs!
The universal tracksets are based on the 915VL shaped vertical angle, and choose the option you prefer in open, or closed V-track. This makes the article combination RSCVL or RSCVLC.

For tension springs we offer the same options (RSCVT and RSCVTC). But have pre-mounted the pulley bracket (TST1PL/R) on top and in the bottom the perforated bracket (TSPB) to the track to prepare it for tension springs.
We have added these products to our catalogue. This enables you to use the tracks universal to torsion and tension springs, reducing your stock significantly!

The side seals matching these tracksets are the 1088 series:
1088: normal side seal for residential tracks
1088T: thermal break side seal, offering higher insulation resulting in a lower U-value calculation
1088TF: thermal break side seal, but with an extended flap covering small tolerances in the built-in situation.

Read everything on our RSC trackset system in the latest FlexiForce Magazine#71FF-Magazine

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