We have recently invested in new tooling, which has made it possible for us to implement some small changes and improvements to the design of our stainless steel products.

Our 450R304 side hinge will be replaced by a new version: 450RN304. The specifications of the hinge will remain the same, however there will be a slight change in the overall appearance of the product.


The folds of the hinge are sharper, and the corners have been made smaller to create a design that is more in line with the overall design of the door. The play between the upper and lower leaf is minimized for improved functionality, and the slotted holes of the hinge are optimized for installation with M6 bolts. 



The intermediate hinge, 450H304 will be replaced by the 450HN304. It will look slightly different but the specifications of the hinge will remain unchanged.


With smaller corners and an improved fixation hinge pin, the hinge is more in line with the overall design of the door. Next to this, we’ve also minimized the play between the upper and lower leaf for improved functionality.



The 450C304 will be replaced by the 450CN304, which consists of the parts that are made by the new tooling. The new hinge has the same specifications as the current version, but the appearance of this material is slightly different.






A couple of products will have a different appearance because of the use of a new base material.:

Due to the new tooling for the 447-304, the updated product will have a slightly different appearance. The specifications of the slide will remain unchanged.

Our 417-304 top roller carrier will be replaced by the new 417N304 version. The appearance will be slightly different due to the different base material used. Next to this, we’ve minimized the radius of the corners.

Because of our new tooling, there will also be an updated version of our 429S-304 bottom bracket. The new version, 429SN-304, will be different in appearance and packaging. Next to this, we’ve removed the two parkers from the set.







If you have any questions about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact your local sales team.

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