The usage of Create ISC is updated to create an option to configure hardware sets in a shorter time.

The Create ISC configurator for hardware sets offers a wide variety of selections from the FlexiForce range of products. Ideal to use for specific demands of doors and it creates space for customization.

We learned that the extensive options in the Create ISC configurator are not used by all our customers. Therefore we created different modes to use our configurator which should meet the different requirements of usage.

The 3 options:

  • Compact: quick selection of key options
  • Detailed: ability to select detailed product choices
  • Expert: same as detailed, but ability to use custom items for weight calculation of the door leaf.

You can find the different modes in the opening screen and proceed as per selection. The configurator will always start in ‘compact’ mode. It’s always possible to change this to another selection if more detailed selections are needed.

We trust this change creates a better experience. Next to that, we continuously work on improvements to offer great configuration service. If you have any questions on how to use our configurators, please don’t hesitate to contact your local sales team.


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