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“Innovation is often no more than connecting existing products into one new solution. FlexiForce took the USA-based tube shaft and the key-way technology of solid shafts and, in cooperation with a shaft producer, merged these into a new type of shaft: saving material while adding strength.”

An invention to reduce costs: in cooperation with a valued customer, FlexiForce developed the key-wayed tubular shaft made out of 3mm galvanized steel. This was in 1995. This shaft is made on a roll forming machine, where the seam is welded and galvanized. The distance between two radius determines the depth of the key way, which is different than a standard 1/4″ key way. Specials keys of 3/8×1/4″ are needed for this key-way.

Depending on the installation type, this shaft can be used for all lift systems up to doors of 5000x4200mm (width x height) or a maximum door weight of 300 kg. This covers almost 75% of all industrial doors. A new residential version of 2mm steel was also added to the product portfolio shortly after.


Why key-way?

On industrial doors only shafts with key-way are used. This makes it possible to create a fixed connection based on shape, with the help of a key. This is important, because of the high torque in the shaft, which is generated by the torsion springs.

The key-wayed shaft is also needed to make a good connection between two shaft parts. For installation reasons, most shafts of wider doors (+3,5m) are cut in half and need to be connected again.

The same goes for connecting an operator. Most motors and chain hoists have 1″ shaft access and 1/4″ key.

Shaft types

  • Solid shafts
    • 702C-2000 etc. (black, 1″, key-way)
    • 702-3500Z etc. (galvanized, 1″, key-way)
    • 699-4500Z etc. (galvanized, 1 1/4″, key-way)
  • Key-wayed tubular shafts
    • 702GBL2750 etc. (galvanized, 1″, key-way, 2mm material)
    • 705GB-2750 etc. (galvanized, 1″, key-way, 3mm material)
  • Tubular shafts
    • 701-2750Z etc. (galvanized, 1″, 2mm material)

Please visit our catalogue for more details.


Cover it up!

The finishing touch: we introduced black plastic covers to close both ends of the tube shafts. This creates a better look, next to preventing moisture and dirt coming out of the shafts on site. Three different caps are available: 701CAP for tube shafts, 702CAP for the 2 mm tube shaft with key-way and 705CAP, developed for the 705GBL-shaft.


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