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“When in 2005 the new European safety legislation and CE-norms came into place, there was a clear threat that only the big door companies would have the power to adhere to these rules. The smaller businesses might not be able to cope with the administrative demands. FlexiForce, in time, set up a wide program for ‘cascading’ the Initial Type Testing Reports. All customers could easily join and apply for CE. This saved the ‘assembly industry’.”

FlexiForce initiated a ‘CE-project’ with the goal to make CE-testing and approval easy for our target group: the small to midsized door manufacturer in Europe. We realized at that time that it was vital for our customers as well as for ourselves to find a way to make CE-certification, conform CE product standard EN13241-1 for Industrial Commercial and Garage Doors and Gates, accessible for our customers against reasonable costs, time and effort.

We then invited several suppliers of E-operators and door panels to join this project. The end result of all our investments, testing and lobbying, resulted in a procedure where the customer could obtain an ITTR (Initial Type Testing Report), issued by the Notified Body SP in Sweden, that form the basis for the complete CE-marking of the door. Goal reached!


Still today, we are heavily involved in the initial type testing in SP Sweden. Together with our partners, independent panel and operator suppliers, we perform average 5 testing sessions each year, where we add new parts, panels or operators to the main ITTR-certificate. In that way, we keep our certificate up to date and we allow our customers to use new products and brands without the risk that these are not approved properly.

Testing is done on mandatory items such as: wind load, water penetration, air permeability, thermal resistance, safe opening (anti-drop device testing), dangerous substances and electrical operators on allowed peak force.

Customers can apply for an ITTR-report including all mandatory test results for the combination hardware,
panel and operators. We have an application form available!

For more information, certificates and examples you can visit the download section of our website.


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