It is now possible to assemble your residential springs with the help of our TBM Press.

With the use of the TBM spring plug press, you can increase the efficiency of your local spring production.

The press will bend the spring wire into the spring fittings, creating extra convenience for local spring production. This tool can be used in combination with our FF200 spring fittings for 2” springs (51mm), and the FF263 spring fittings for 2,5/8” springs (67mm).
The press mold includes a check gauge for an optimal positioning of the fittings.

The following products are a part of the TBM press set:

  • TBM-TOOL: The press including the bending pen
  • TBM-INS-263: mold for 2,65” spring fittings, including the check gauge
  • TBM-INS-200: mold for 2” spring fittings, including the check gauge

For extra convenience, a seperate bending pen and check gauges are available as spare parts, in case a replacement is needed:


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